How to Write the Correct MLA Format Essay

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Are you having problems writing an essay format and need guidance? Here are the tips on how to get it right with MLA citation method.

Getting the MLA Essay Format Right

Writing a college essay in MLA format is undoubtedly among the most challenging tasks you will have to handle in your school life. Therefore, it is important if you grasp the basics of the style as well as others. The Modern Language Association is the organization that developed the format as a means for students, researchers, and scholars to maintain uniformity in their assignments.
This format builds your credibility as it demonstrates accountability to your source material, and it can help you avoid plagiarism. On the other hand, if your instructor asks you to write an apa format essay then you need to include a page header also known as a running head which has to appear at the top of every page. The running head should not exceed 50 characters and should be a shortened title of your paper.

College Essay Format in MLA

Here are some basic guidelines and factors that make this style different from others like APA essay format.
The paper must be typed on a computer and printed on a white standard 8.5 by 11 paper.
The text must be double spaced and use legible fonts such as Times New Roman (12 pt), and should contrast the regular and italic texts.
One space should be left after periods or punctuation marks unless you have been instructed otherwise
Margins should be set to one inch all sides
The first line of paragraphs should be indented half-inch from the margin to the left. Use the tab key
The header should number all pages consecutively and towards the upper right corner
Titles of longer words should be italicized
Endnotes should be included in a separate page just before the one for work cited
Formatting Your first Page
Here are the basic MLA scholarship essay format guidelines
Unless requested, do not create the title page
List your name, name of the instructor, course, and date in the first page, upper left corner.
Use italics or quotation marks if you want to refer to other works.
Double space between your first line and title.
Create a header at the top right corner with the last name, space, then page number.
The format for the section headings
You can use these to improve your paper’s readability, and the section may comprise the individual chapters and other named parts. For essays, you can divide the essay into sections with Arabic numbers.
Books, on the other hand, do not have any prescribed heading systems, but it is recommended that you keep the parts parallel and distinct. Also, ensure that the sections in the APA format essay example are grammatically similar.